Bridge Advisory Group brings together the expertise and experience of a group of talented people with combined capabilities and industry knowledge to expedite innovative solutions in challenging market conditions. This expertise is blended efficiently in the aged care and seniors living sector to create financially sound and culturally relevant outcomes in Australia and Asia with sustainable business models appropriate to each market.

Expertise and skills such as market analysis, product definition, financial modelling, development (and divestment) strategy and leadership are brought together in the context of industry dynamics and market knowledge to procure solutions consistent with our client’s strategic pathways.

Typical Challenges for Clients
Key challenges in the seniors housing and aged care sectors:

  • Adjusting existing infrastructure to suit changing market needs
  • Aligning assets with efficient property solutions
  • Understanding market needs and industry trend implications
  • Ensuring financial viability for the short term and sustainability for the long term
  • Implementing relevant levels of project governance
  • Understanding and monitoring risk
  • Realising the real strategic implications of all key decisions on operations, finance and property
  • Ensuring sound business case preparation for key capital decisions
  • Adequate identification of new initiatives and opportunities
  • Identifying new sources of capital for project funding
  • Provision of commercial leadership for capital programs
  • Achieving strong evidence-based platform of investment decisions